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I am voting for James Solomon for Ward E Councilperson

December 5, 2017
Election day is today and I'd like to share with you why I am supporting James Solomon for the Ward E Councilperson. There are many reasons, but to show a semi respect for brevity, I'll stick to Civic Tech and Complete Streets.
James and I met in early 2014 after he and his wife had moved to The Village. The times being what they are, James and I met on Twitter, James was seeking out civic activists on social media and, well, I guess I'm one of them. ;-) We made arrangements to get a cup of coffee.
I was very busy with Civic Tech during those days. Steve Fulop had assumed the reigns as Mayor in July of 2013 and I had just served on the transition team for communications and technology led by Ward E Councilwoman Candice Osborne. I was busy encouraging the new Fulop administration to adopt SeeCilckFix as their constituent issue management platform (which has since happened) having completed a pilot of the software for the Harsimus Cove Association. I was also helping Anna Lukasiak get Code for Jersey City off the ground, an group of other Civic Tech activists that sought to help local governments modernize and more effectively serve their constituents.
As for James, while working for the City of Boston, he helped develop a smart phone app that detected potholes. A motorist, when driving in Boston with this app on their phone hit a pothole, the location data would be sent to the Department of Public Works. They would then dispatch a crew to address the problem. Brilliant!
Jersey City's Civic Tech was stuck somewhere in the 1980s and I just had coffee with someone who was doing something incredibly contemporary and forward thinking!
We became fast friends!!
James jumped right in and started attending Code for Jersey City meetings to share his experiences, advancing our understanding of what's possible with the resources we had. He was pragmatic but also always pushing the boundaries.
And that's just the Civic Tech side of James.
James also knows a lot about Complete Streets. He is a tireless advocate for walkability and is involved with both Safe Streets JC and Bike JC. He's the person that goes to all those meetings, panels, workshops, etc, etc. I only wish I could attend half of the meetings he attends. He's seen here in this video calling out a simple maintenance issue with the daylighting installation at First & Erie that has gone unaddressed for many months. As the Chairperson of the Harsimus Cove Association Complete Streets Committee, I have been tirelessly advocating for the upkeep of the daylighting of this intersection and James rightfully points out that this is easy and it is important.
I could go on. These are only two of the many topics James Solomon is on top of. He's a general "policy nerd" and I'm happy to say that The Jersey Journal has endorsed him for that very reason:
"Ward E: James Solomon. Like the Downtown ward's abundance of good restaurants, the Ward E race is filled with good choices. With incumbent Candice Osborne deciding against running for re-election, Solomon's command of policy gives him the slight edge, in our view, over his opponents. Solomon is running as an independent."
Today we go to the polls to elect someone who has the great ideas and who knows how to legislate. I have every confidence that James is the best person for the job. Join me in casting a vote for James Solomon.
Stephen Musgrave